March 31, 2014 10:09

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Author: Jose Diaz


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In very poor taste.

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"Executioner" Carlsen who thought he decapitated "Defendant" Anand in 2013 is beginning to realize Anand is actually immortal; what execution method now holds 2014 for an immortal?


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In very good taste!

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and carlsen is a renouned footballer !

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in a very so so taste?

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In very variably interpretable taste

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broad but fitting

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This is GREAT in every detail, and let me starting my day with a big laughter.
And like Grischuk stated: Whoever wins the candidates, will be a different player, and therefore can take a chance to beat Carlsen.

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carlsen looks like the gimp (sex slave) in Pulp Fiction

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can't guess the exact meaning of this

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From the head held in Anand's hand it appears that the cartoon implies that Carlsen slaughtered Anand in 2013. Not sure if the match went that way. Nor do I think that it will be the same as last year given the super performance Anand had in the candidates.

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"given the super performance Anand had in the candidates"

It's hard to say how he will play in the match though, he will have to play much better than in his three latest title matches to avoid losing badly.

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Misses the point. Even if Anand played as well as he did in the candidates, it would still fall way short.

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Ha ha, very good.
Jose Diaz knows exactly what the real deal is.

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Fantasic cartoon. Anand will be a pice of meat this time allso

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Except that he won't be

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It's just a flesh wound!

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This cartoon reminds me that this will be the first rematch since the glorious Karpov-Kasparov times. Since 1990, we only had "one-shot" world championship matches. Who knows, maybe this is a new decade-defining rivalry? Akin to Steinitz-Chigorin; Botvinnik-Smyslov; Karpov-Korchnoi or Kasparov-Karpov. For example, let's just assume that Anand wins the match.... it is likely that Carlsen would qualify again, and then we would seen Anand-Carlsen version 3 :-). Fun...~!

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Anand is immortal and ageless. Carlsen will lose and there is no guarantee that he will get a rematch with Anand. Remember MC won the candidate tie breaker with a stupid rule - i.e. because he lost more game than Kramnik? Having higher rating does guarantee a win!

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As usual, bad intention of chessvibes against Anand.

Anton's picture

Do not like it because Vishy is still depicted
as a victim. Even if a tenacious one

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Het is down a 100 elo points, statistics say he will score 35%.

AAR's picture

Chess is not like WWF or even American Football.
Why such a violent cartoon. Bad taste. Didn't like it.

abc's picture

After such a great win in candidates at age of 44 years, there should be some respectful cartoon for 5 times world champion Anand.

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100% agree. Commendable job at age 44.
Also, he was world champion in all chess formats.

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Right to the point!!!

Casey Abell's picture

Didn't hurt a bit!

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I just don't understand this cartoonist guy. I guess violent thinking is just ingrained in his DNA. After all, chess isn't exactly at the level of inquisitions and guillotines/axes. Could've easily shown a crown being frisbeed or broken instead (if that negative itch took over)... Anyway, the nice thing is that Anand doesn't read this crap like we do and, even if he did, it wouldn't bother him. He knows what the challenges are. If this is the way that challengers are treated, so be it. It might be wise to wait for the result of the rematch. Thank you for civilized journalism and cartooning.

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If you have anything more substantive to say besides call names, please do so. Otherwise, don't waste keystrokes.

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Why do you take out your lack of sense of humour on us? If you do not understand what you read or see, don't waste any keystrokes.

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I think Anand will rather enjoy this cartoon. It is very much reminiscent of the black knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail. Anand loves the Monty Python sketches. So does Carlsen by the way!

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Carlsen is thinking what would be the next part of the body that it will cut off.

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As Carlsen said in one of his interviews, Chess is the most violent of the sports. No doubt about that. As always, Diaz go right to the point: Carsen may is waiting with the axe but Anand is full of hapiness to fight him again.

It will be a very great match!

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More or less the same as

But we all know the history !!

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Diaz was surprised, that Anand won the Candidates and had too little time to draw an wise cartoon.

This one is deeply stupid in comparison with his earlier pictures.

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In his last drawing, Diaz showed Anand as the big fish, so you're wrong ... Plus you have no sense of humor, which is equally damageable

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May it was drawn at a gun point by Don sent by carlsen

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Like it :)-

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Absolutely hopeless and horrible cartoon. This Jose Diaz has lost every respect that he had...
If not anything, this cartoon should motivate Vishy.

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You are hopeless if u dont understand that this cartoon also emphasizes on Anands tenacity...even beheaded=lost WC, he comes back!!

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And how do you know the problem does not lie with you?

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Looking forward to 7- 0 for Carlsen surpassing Bobby Fischer.

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If you mean if Carlsen plays the dead Bobby Fischer, then you are right.

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No the 'Dead On Arrival' Anand Aditya.

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Well Anand was 'Dead on Arrival' before the Candidates too. And he won it quite convincingly. So he seems to do well when people assign him that state :)

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He did not win convincingly, if Anand had lost the ending with Rook v B and N vs Kararyakin the Karayakin would be playing Carlsen. Anand also benefitted form au remarkable combination of results between the other candidates.


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